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Why Us?

Because we built a better plan. We handle everything for you. Including full service recordkeeping, IRS approved plan documents, Investment management, and complete on-line capabilities. No one has the number of investment options we have with the automation services we provide.

Self-manage, pick your own funds, or let us manage it for you. You can have it all.

Mutual Funds

Over 3,000 no-fee mutual funds are available for participants to select from.

Stocks & ETFs

If elected, plan participants may invest commission free in stocks and ETF's through Schwab.'

Bonds & CDs

If elected, plan participants may invest in CD's Treasuries, and Corporate Bonds through Schwab.

Index Funds

Invest in cost-efficient index funds. Index funds are mutual funds that track the performance of a specific index, such as the S&P 500® Index.

Target date mutual funds

Target date mutual funds let you invest in a single portfolio with an asset mix that becomes more conservative as the target date nears.

Automated Management

Participants can elect to have their account robo managed by simply answering a few risk/time horizon questions.


Participants can elect to have their account rebalanced at will or as contributions received.

Separate Account

Each participant account is maintained separately at Schwab, Check your account on our site or theirs.


Full vesting statements showing all sources, contributions and positions posted quarterly.

In House Recordkeeping

Complete automation of plan administration, that includes the tracking of participation, contributions, distributions and more.

On-Line Reporting

Have full control over your plan. See all employee enrollments, distributions, contributions and so on.

IRS and DOL Support

We provide all plan documentation, and most government filings to keep you fully in compliance.

Plan Compliance and Testing

We handle all testing and compliance amendments for you so you don't need to.

Retirement Planning

The plan investment advisor works with plan participants to assist with retirement related questions and planning.

Quarterly Plan Reports

Full detail of total plan assets including portfolio breakdown by plan participant.

ERISA 3(38) advisor

An ERISA 3(38) Advisor performs tasks such as determining the investment roster, monitoring it ongoing, making and documenting changes, regulatory requirements, and more.

3(38) Liability Reduction

The plan sponsor(s) is protected from suits and liability for investment roster decisions when using a 3(38) Investment Advisor.

Selection of Core Funds

The plan investment advisor is generally responsible for the selection and monitoring of the core investment lineup.

Managed Profile

This profile automatically selects a managed portfolio for the plan participants based on their risk and timeframe until retirement using low cost index based funds.

Custom Profile

This profile allows the participant to build their own portfolio from the over 3,000 choices available to the plan.

Self-Managed Profile

Participants selecting this profile may manage their 401(k) account just as they would manage their IRA using our Self-Directed Brokerage Account option.

We have everything you need to start a great retirement plan!

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